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Reverse the effects of sun damage

A TCA chemical peel is just one option available for San Francisco-area people looking to reverse the effects of sun damage. In the last half of this century, men and women have had more leisure time to spend outdoors than in previous generations. Many hours spent on outside recreation and the prevalence of both summer and winter vacations have taken their toll on people’s skin. Premature wrinkling is more common now than ever before. Both men and women seek procedures such as a chemical peel to improve the look of sun-damaged skin. It may also improve the pitted look of acne scars and remove pre-cancerous skin growths called keratoses.

If you’ve wondered how skin resurfacing with chemical peeling or dermabrasion could improve the look of your skin, your self-confidence, or your health, contact Dr. Jacobs for a consultation.

Is a chemical peel right for me?

Expectations of surgery and the surgeon must be realistic. Skin resurfacing procedures cannot produce perfect skin; rather the goal is to improve the appearance of the skin as much as possible. Before deciding on a skin resurfacing procedure, Dr. Jacobs may also recommend a skin care regimen prior to the procedure. If you have extensive damage from aging or injury, more than one procedure may be necessary to achieve your desired results.

A chemical peel cannot correct sagging skin or halt the aging process. Furthermore, some chemical peels lighten skin color so you must make a commitment to using sunblock. Following a thorough medical history, Dr. Jacobs will advise you on the details of the resurfacing procedure recommended in order to enhance your overall appearance.

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